A worrisome trend

Car exportation has exploded over the past three years with the decline in worldwide car production and weak American dollar. Exporters are now targeting luxury brand dealerships across the country and are continuously changing their tactics to ensure a steady supply of cars. Experts agree that the number of luxury cars purchased for export will continue to grow throughout 2010 and into 2011, making every dealership a target of this scam.

One Exporter Can Cost a Dealership Thousands

Car manufacturers are not taking this threat lightly. In an effort to protect their brand and global dealer network, significant penalties are being imposed at the dealer-level to combat this trend and pass along the financial impact. As a solution, manufacturers are penalizing dealers twice – costing dealerships thousands of dollars each time they sell a car to an exporter. The penalties include:

  • Denying credit for sale
  • Decreasing allocations

Worst of all, the penalties often surprise dealerships long after the sale, making it difficult to manage the sales process and ultimately wasting time that could otherwise be spent working with legitimate customers.

Auto Export Shield offers a solution

With its simple to use interface, Auto Export Shield can help protect you from falling prey to the exporters’ cons. Your dealership will have access to real time data, alerting you in minutes if your buyer is a potential exporter. Using Auto Export Shield every time you write up a sale only takes a few seconds and provides up-to-the-minute protection for:

  • Your dealership’s reputation
  • Your sales team’s time
  • Your dealership's allocation
  • Your bottom line

Stop being a victim. Let Auto Export Shield protect your dealership from the threat of exporters. Click here for your free consultation today.

Exporters are targeting luxury makes and models


Most popular models

  • Mercedes Benz GL550, GL350 & S Class
  • BMW X5, X6 and 7 Series
  • Toyota Landcruiser and Sequoia
  • Lexus LX 570, LS 460 and GX 460

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