Auto Export Shield is the first software to be developed with the ability to protect auto dealerships from exporting scam artists—potentially saving your dealership thousands of dollars. Our proprietary database provides access to real time data allowing dealership to identify potential exporters before the deal is finalized. Auto Export Shield provides 360° protection:

  • Immediately identifies high-risk buyers.
  • Real time data feeds.
  • Tracks car purchase data from across the country.
  • Comprehensive access to data by combining multiple data sources.

Auto Export Shield pulls information from numerous sources including financial records, car purchasing history and proprietary databases to assign a risk rating for each buyer. If the system identifies any information that indicates that the pending purchase could be for export, an alert is sent to the dealer that a potential high-risk buyer must be investigated before the transaction is completed. By arming your sales team with the best, most comprehensive real time information available, your dealership is empowered to help prevent the export of luxury vehicles.

The Auto Export Shield system is easy to use. One quick and easy step can save thousands of dollars.

  • Access from any computer—no special software is required
  • Login and provide the same information you use for a standard credit check.
  • A proprietary risk score is generated alerting you to high risk buyers.
  • An alert e-mail is sent to the management team at the dealership for redundancy and to ensure transparency.

A true story

Exporters are becoming an expensive issue for many car dealers. To combat the trend, manufacturers are cracking down on dealerships who sell to exporters with substantial fines and penalties.

Recently, a luxury car dealer fell victim to an exporting scam and inadvertently sold a car to an exporter due to management shortcomings and an astute exporter. The manufacturer found out, called a meeting with the dealership to discuss the issue, and then fined the dealer for the sale and reduced their allocation. The result for the dealer was thousands of dollars of lost revenue, a black mark with the manufacturer, and morale issues with the sales staff who are working hard to sell cars responsibly.

Unfortunately, this occurs all too often. Moreover, it is the dealer that’s caught in the middle and on the hook for the lost revenue. Going forward, do dealers risk a sale or risk fines and penalties because they aren’t able to identify high-risk buyers? Auto Export Shield provides the protection to confidently sell to responsible buyers and lock out the exporter.

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